Island of El Trocadero, Puerto Real, Cádiz

Clear water in a crystal case. A dream where water flows on skin
and sprouts from pores. A wetland or a goddess, as enigmatic as
it is near. Her presence and her secrets remind me of the sea
that in my land fed hopes. A wetland capable of generating the
smell and sound of the origin of life.

Cipriano Marín

36º 31’ 22.66’’ N 6º 12’ 05.39’’ W / November 15, 2007
Island formed by fluvial-marine mud deposits that give rise to a
wetland of tidal influence. The photograph shows mud deposits
at a point of convergence of currents. The zones prone to
flooding are covered by green enteromorpha (ulvales) algae and
the veins by halophyte species. A flock of black-headed gulls
(Larus ridibundus) rest on the vein.
Protection status: Bay of Cádiz Nature Park.

© Photo: Hector Garrido