Island of El Trocadero, Puerto Real, Cádiz

How to define the beauty that bursts forth from the order of
complexity, the structure of irregularity, the simplicity of
sophistication. All represented here.
Absolute opposites gathered together in an infinite way. It is like
seeing the insides of myself. Savoring my vital and palpitating
landscape of mud and water. Welcoming reencounters with fertile
and suggestive volumes.

Odile Rodríguez de la Fuente

Island of El Trocadero, Puerto Real, Cádiz
36º 30’ 32.35’’ N 6º 12’ 27.77’’ W / November 24, 2005
Island associated with the channel of the same name formed by
fluvial-marine deposits of a sandy mud nature, which give rise to
wetlands under tidal influence. The photograph shows deposits
of mud and sands in a phase of flooding, modeled by a
meandering hydrological network in which a primary and
secondary network can be distinguished.
Protection status: Bay of Cádiz Nature Park.
Photo: © Héctor Garrido