Island of Enmedio,Wetlands of El Odiel, Huelva

Observed from the air… it looks like a fallen tree, enormous, with
a short, thick trunk forming the central section of tombs, from
which four mighty branches extend, contiguous in their origins
but which then extend through successive bifurcations until
becoming lost from sight, forming… a leafy crown in which life
and death are confused.*

José Saramago

(*: Todos los nombres)

Island of Enmedio,Wetlands of El Odiel, Huelva
37º 14’ 26.33’’ N 6º 59’ 15.79’’ W / June 8, 2004
Island formed by a sedimentary process at the confluence of the
Tinto and Odiel rivers and by the force of the tides. The
photograph shows the whimsical forms of the network of
estuaries, channels and canals modeled by sedimentary and tidal
Protection status: Island of Enmedio Nature Reserve. Wetlands
of El Odiel Nature Site.
Photo: © Héctor Garrido