Island of Enmedio,Wetlands of El Odiel, Huelva

The medium is the message. Middle age is not the Middle Ages.
A holographic tree down below, like the traces of glaciations.
Shade in sunny wetlands, fixed with Imedio glue, the stuff made
in Calzada de Calatrava, the town of Pedro Almodóvar and my
grandmother Carmen. Island of Enmedio, barefoot road.

Francisco Correal

Island of Enmedio,Wetlands of El Odiel, Huelva
37º 14’ 26.33’’ N 6º 59’ 15.79’’ W / December 19, 2005
Island formed by a sedimentary process at the confluence of the
Tinto and Odiel rivers and by the force of the tides. The
diversification of the hydrographic network defines a dendrifrorm
morphology around which vegetation formations are distributed,
as shown in the photograph. The inter-tidal zones have been
covered by green algae.
Protection status: Island of
Photo: © Héctor Garrido