Veta la Palma, Puebla del Río, Seville

Living and inert matter as inextricably united realities. The biotic
and abiotic processes as phenomenon that have been intimately
associated for billions of years. The principal icon of animate
beings, the Tree of Life, gracefully sculpted by water on the
surface of Gaia.

José Luis Sanz

Veta la Palma, Puebla del Río, Seville
36º 56’ 54.91’’ N 6º 14’ 36.89’’ W / June 12, 2008
Recent drainage of an aquatic farming pool on the Veta la Palma
estate dedicated to extensive aquaculture of estuary fish. The
dynamic of the flow toward a single drainage point, salinity and
the differential composition of water on dry ground have drawn
the arboreal form that appears in the photograph.
Protection status: Doñana Nature Space. Doñana Nature Park.
Photo© Héctor Garrido