Saltworks of San Fernando, Cádiz

A network in each node,
a spiral of spirals.
The infinitesimal parts
that comprise the whole.
In each individual bend
of time, all time:
water, friction
and the banks in their scale…
And the mole on your cheek
in scale with the firmament.

Jorge Drexler

Saltworks of San Fernando, Cádiz
36º 29’ 31.52’’ N 6º 10’ 01.40’’ W / February 12, 2008
Water collection pool of an abandoned traditional saltwork. The
photograph shows the evolution of the drainage network as it
has progressively invaded the interior of the pool, from an initial,
already blurred design characterized by the artificial geometric
structure (cleanly Euclidean), to another much younger,
dendriform one of natural origin, which tends toward a fractal
Protection status: Bay of Cádiz Nature Park.
Photo: © Héctor Garrido