Ojo de Martinazo, Doñana Nature Reserve, Huelva

The image of the oasis has formed part of our imagination since
time immemorial. It is the place where we arrive after long days
of hardship and from where we will leave tomorrow to continue
our journey, because life is nothing more than this affair of always
being on the road. Suddenly one would like to have arrived by
that path and be there, on the banks of that eye of water with its
green pupil, and with the surrounding shade, the refuge, the brief
paradise of our forced march. And to be eternal at least for a day.

Luis Landero

Ojo de Martinazo, Doñana Nature Reserve, Huelva
37º 01’ 12.48’’ N 6º 26’ 11.45’’ W / May 19, 2008
Ojo (‘eye’) is the vernacular name given to a permanent natural
spring of freshwater in Doñana fed by deep aquifers that surface
in the wetland. The one in the photograph forms part a group of
ojos located on the bank of the Martinazo. At the deepest point of
the spring, there is a small formation of bulrushes (Scirpus
littoralis) that, from the air, looks like an iris, while around the
spring, there is an abundant reed bed (Juncus acutus) crossed by
paths formed by the constant movement of fauna.
Protection status: Doñana Nature Space. National Park.
Photo: © Héctor Garrido