Saltworks of San Fernando, Cádiz

The four parallel lines drawn by men of the saltworks. Four
ridges to contain the water that must evaporate there. A lack of
care, an abandonment, and the tide breaks the imposed
infrastructure, re-conquering a terrain where water packed with
life once again flows celebrating natural geometry.

Juan Manuel García Ruíz

36º 30’ 10.77’’ N 6º 10’ 37.04’’ W / November 15, 2007
Main water collection pool of an abandoned traditional saltwork.
The free circulation of water in the interior of the pool after the
destruction of the perimeter wall has progressively modeled a
dendriform hydrological network colonized by green algae, which
break the geometry of the underlying artificial structure, formed
by ridges covered by saltwort and by mud covered by saltpeter.
Protection status: Bay of Cádiz Nature Park.
© Photo: Hector Garrido