Soto Grande, Almonte, Huelva

A large tree transpires hundreds of liters of water into the
atmosphere every day. There are no trunks or branches in the
forest, but rather disguised channels along which water flows.
Liquid trunks, green crowns, the sun above… How is that? It’s
not a tree? And flowers? Horses, you say? It’s a fantasy? Will the
material of Shakespeare’s dreams turn out to be fractal?

Miguel Delibes de Castro

Soto Grande, Almonte, Huelva
36º 57’ 39.74’’ N 6º 13’ 25.15’’ W / September 18, 2007
Mouth of the stream of Soto Grande in the Madre de las
Marismas del Rocío during the first phases of flooding. The image
shows the dendriform distribution that the stream acquires as it
opens its way through the helophyte formations composed of sea
clubrush (Scirpusmaritimus), common spike rush (Elecharis
palustris) and candilejo (Juncus subulatus), with the dotted
presence of grazing horses.
Protection status: Doñana Nature Space. Doñana National Park.
Photo: © Héctor Garrido