Veta la Palma, Puebla del Río, Seville

The language of water is similar in art and nature. In a
watercolor, the expression of its beauty depends on the artist’s
intention, the texture and composition of the support, the
amount of paint on the brush, the intensity of the stroke…
Nature, obedient to the established laws, draws in apparent
distraction a sketch that is, in and of itself, intrinsically lovely.

Regla Alonso Miura

Veta la Palma, Puebla del Río, Seville
36º 57’ 39.74’’ N 6º 13’ 25.15’’ W / September 18, 2008
Drainage of a fish farming pool of the Veta la Palma estate
dedicated to extensive aquaculture of estuary fish. The
confluence of the currents toward a single drainage point
distributes the water over the muddy surface, offering the
appearance of a ‘neuronal synapse’ shown in the photograph.
Protection status: Doñana Nature Space. Doñana Nature Park.
Photo: © Héctor Garrido