Wetlands of the Tinto River, Huelva

Wetlands of the Tinto River, Huelva
There it is, with its striking script of mud and saltwort. With its
gigantic pictograms peering up at the sky. But, who, on ground
level, is aware of the keys to this coppery language? Is it the
Earth speaking? Is it the Earth writing? Who understands her
language? Who heeds her message?

José María Montero

Wetlands of the Tinto River, Huelva
37º 17’ 23.94’’ N 6º 51’ 29.19’’ W / January 23, 2006
Wetlands formed by sediments from the Tinto River over the
zone of tidal influence. The elevated content of minerals in the
waters of the Tinto River give it a chromatic tonality unique in
the world. This river, with its historic mining tradition, is an
enormous natural laboratory where scientific experiments and
research are carried out comparable to those conducted on the
planet Mars, with which it may bear a certain similarity.
Protection status: Tinto River Protected Landscape.
Photo: © Héctor Garrido